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As holiday time approaches we all look forward to long hot days and not having to set the alarm. We are excited to spend time with our nearest and dearest time to catch  up and enjoy each others company.

But the reality can be very different

By the time we have got up super early, headed for a packed airport hopefully got on the airplane without any delays and arrived at your destination queued for the rental car and managed not to have got lost on the way to the hotel/villa tempers can be very frayed. Arguments are very easily started when we are not in familiar routines and environments add on  a couple of children making excessive demands on you and things can get very difficult. The idea of a lovely family holiday can quickly go out the window!

Modern life is busy couples and families spend less and less time together as a family unit, so the idea of that perfect holiday advert is very seductive. The reality is that we are not used to spending 24/7 with each other, one parent is usually responsible for the majority of the parenting they now have to share the parenting, the parent who is mainly responsible might want a break form the children, the parent who works outside the home more might want to rest and relax away from the children. When you have very conflicting views of what your holiday might be like problems will occur.

Talk to each other before you go on holiday ask each other what you want from the holiday, if they are very different negotiate so you can both have some of what you both want.

Any relationship that is having difficulties might be able to tick along when you are both at home with all the responsibilities working and looking after homes and children entails but when you are thrown together 24/7 all those niggling doubts can come to a head.

Use the time you have together to communicate, make a set time every day to talk to each other with out any distractions, put the kids into a kids club. set an amount of time, half an hour every day and talk.Be firm, one of you talk for 5 minutes the other listens with out any interruptions then change. Everybody can improve there listening skills this is a way to do it. When Was the last time you really took time out to listen to the person you spend your life with.

Good relationships thrive on good communication they just don’t happen.Use your holiday to improve your relationship. Holidays are always a good time to have more sex, having good sex is part of having a good relationship it acts a s a glue to bind us together. So when you return home to the hustle and bustle of every day life your relationship feels like it fresher improved and you both will feel the benefits.

Relationship therapy can help with communication skills and improve your relationship, you might only need a couple of sessions to reap the benefits of a better relationship


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