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Couple Counselling/Relationships

We get through life surrounded by other people, family, husbands, wives, kids, work colleagues. When things are going well, they can bring a lot of joy into our lives but when things go wrong and times are difficult, the opposite can happen and instead of finding joy and happiness, we can find only pain and heartache. I work with couples and individuals in relationships and people who are currently single.

Counselling can help us look at what is going wrong with our relationships. Why do we keep getting treated in the same way? Why do we always end up in ‘bad’ or ‘destructive’ relationships? How can we move on and find more balanced relationships, more contentment in our lives.

We all have relationships with other people but we also have a relationship with ourselves, which is the most important relationship. Although other people can affect how we feel, we can also be destructive and attack ourselves in a variety of ways.

Counselling can explore the way we behave to ourselves as well as to others.