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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is a specific type of therapy to deal with sexual problems. As well as looking at relationships, sex therapy addresses specific physical and psychological sexual problems.

Using my experience as a sex therapist and a specialist nurse, I can help and support you in resolving your sexual problems whatever they may be. I work with couples and individuals, people in relationships and people who are currently single.

Attending a counselling session for the first time is difficult and when that involves talking about sexual issues, it can make it even more difficult.

I will make the process as straight forward as I can. Our sex lives and all that involves are not something we talk in detail about to our friends and families. Talking about sex is always difficult to begin with. However it is a good way to deal with sexual problems and I have successful outcomes when working with men and women.

If you are having sexual problems I hope you will find a way to attend that first session and begin to resolve your problems.